New Matching Color Cover Designs

Do you remember a while backĀ  I mentioned how a discussion with a customer resulted in some new black and white cover designs? Well that happened for color designs as well. In this case, the customer wanted a cover that matched the inside of the bencher. We do already have a design that matches the inside of the bencher, a simple border design based on the borders inside the bencher. However, now we have several new matching color cover design option. In addition, I added a design that would work nicely for for Tu Bshvat celebrations.

I am happy to share below, several new matching color cover designs for the Bnei Akiva bencher and a Tu Bshvat design. These designs are free to use with an order of Bnei Akiva benchers. To use them for another purpose, please contact me privately.


Color Cover Designs

Tu Bshvat Three Trees Design Three Trees Tu Bshvat Design copyright
Bencher landscape cover- this is a design which exists inside the bencher as an introductory page

Cover design to match the inside of the Bnei Akiva bencher. Copyright
Purpley, yellow, light green, orange horizontal and vertical stripes- This uses the color palette of the inside of the Bnei Akiva bencher. However, it shakes it up a little bit with mustard and green.

Purple, yellow, mustard, green striped bencher cover. Copyright

Vertical Purple, Mustard and Black striped design

Vertical purple, mustard and black design. Copyright birkatchaverim.comThese designs are contemporary and take advantage of the digital printing technique we use to print the Bnei Akiva bencher covers.

You can find these and other designs in the cover design section of our shop.

Are you planning an order? Do you have some ideas? We are happy to hear your thoughts.

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