Benchers Off the Beaten Path

Laya Crust Bnei Akiva bencher cover design copyright Laya CrustBackground: Digital Printing for Benchers Off the Beaten Path

As you may or may not know, we offer digital printing as one of the main options for covers for the Bnei Akiva bencher. Digital printing can give you quite a bit of freedom. You are only limited by size and your imagination. You can print all the way to the edge of the cover, with multiple colors. We have had various orders that take advantage of this. Here are some of those benchers off the beaten path, a few highlights:

Ketubbah on the cover of the bencher

This Ketubbah cover bencherĀ  used the design of the couple’s Ketubbah as the cover design of their bencher. In full color it looks fabulous. Even the printer was commenting on how amazing the cover looked. Check out the post for more details about the design and artist Laya Crust.

Kotel photo

We have had a few benchers which placed a photo of the child on the cover of the bencher and, in particular, the bar mitzvah boy donning tefillin at the Kotel as the image on the front cover. A recent order (Mazal tov Michael!) used a photo of the Bar mitzvah boy on the cover and a detail of the kotel as the back design. We also have matching cupcake wrappers in the shop for a kotel simcha.

Note that the layout for this is how it would be attached (think folded down the middle.) Thank you to the family for permission to use the image. I took the liberty of removing their last name to allow for privacy.

Added text inside the cover

We have had a variety of texts printed in the inside of the bencher covers. In this case, the text was the Maoz Tzur text, for a Hanukkah Bat Mitzvah.

Bnei Mitzvah Designs

We love getting original ideas from Bnei mitzvah as well. For instance, an optical illusion or a personal design.

These are only a few examples of benchers off the beaten path. We have more throughout the site. Now what would you want to do?

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