Hanukkah crafts from gan and other sources

iron on dreidelI wanted to show some of the easy and fun Hanukkah crafts from gan, that my daughter brought home this year and last year. But I am going to start with a project which was supposed to make it to gan but didn’t quite work out. Maybe we’ll redo it on a smaller scale.

Plastic Bag Draidel

Basically I cut out a draidel from a plastic bag and ironed it on my daughter’s shirt to wear on the first day of Hanukkah. The only problem was the plastic did not cooperate so well, probably due to the size and thickness of the plastic bag. It lasted about ten minutes before my daughter pulled it off. The idea of ironing on plastic bag decorations came from Filth Wizardry.
Now to gan stuff.

Gan Hanukkah Projects

Last year she brought home a counting menorah board. In the picture it has two candles plus the shamash. We also made one out of felt but this one was cool because it used popsicle sticks and aplix.

This year she brought home a Hanukkah symbol matching game and a recycled cd draidel. Both of these are really simple projects. What I like about the Hanukkah matching game is that the game pieces are cut with two symbols on each card and so are usable as pieces in a domino game. The recycled cd draidel is an old project but very simple to do without alot of preparation work.

I stumbled on a cooler draidel brought home by the daughter of the Matzosoup blogger made out of acorns. You can see the project here.

hanukkah velcro boardHanukkah Craft Roundup Ideas

hanukkah matching gameThese are some cool ideas I came across because I was included in the Hanukkah craft roundup on Dollar Store Crafts and The Crafty Crow. Both of these blogs are great sources for fun and original craft ideas. I am also a big fan of homeschooling and Montessori blogs and get ideas for things to do from them.

I was therefore very happy to come across a Jewish homeschooling blog that I had not been aware of before. A blog with lots of great ideas and printables for Jewish holidays, parsha (Torah portion) and more. Here is a link to one post with some of her Hanukkah printables. Another blogger in the roundup, with nice printables, is Creative Learning Fun. I am going to link to printables here too because right now we’re into worksheets. My daughter likes doing “homework” and we do them in English, Hebrew and German and related to Jewish themes.

My daughter also just walked in and told me to include Creative Jewish Mom’s felt draidel straw toppers, as she is a fan so I have.

I wanted to add one more thing given the fire in the north and the fact that Hanukkah is all about fire.

Fire Resources

Four Steps to Fire Safety
Preventing Forest Fires Coloring Book
Early Reader Firegear book
Firefighting words
Don’t hide from a fireman

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