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Relationship Cupcake Wrappers

15 Aug

Relationship Cupake Wrappers Toppers by Birkat Chaverim

New: Relationship Cupcake Wrappers In honor of Tu BAv I wanted to share my new digital relationship cupcake wrappers. These came about in a spur of the moment way. For the past several years Birkat Chaverim has been donating digital cupcake wrappers as a donor thank you gift to individuals who donate to The Eden […]

Bnei Mitzvah Surprise: Leatherdos or Clippa Kippah Clips

29 Jul

Use 36 for Leatherdos or Clippa clips- Shabbat candles or oil lights

I’ve been admiring the Leatherdos or Clippa kippa clip project for a while. This is a neat product that was a result of a student project. A Holon design student, Yaacov Goldberg decided to play around with the kippa clip for his design object. He noted that kippa clips are often used for other things besides […]

New: Mini Purim Cupcake Wrappers

2 Mar

mini Purim cupcake wrappers via Birkat Chaverim

Spoiler alert! We are using these Mini Purim Cupcake Wrappers for our mishloach manot this year. The picture above is approximately how they will look, although we might use healthier content. Here we used mini marshmallows and “Clicks” which have some sort of flour/crunchy filling inside. These mini Purim cupcake wrappers are a little bit […]

Purim Mishloach Manot Game

16 Feb

Zachor It Purim Game

Last year my sister’s family (in particular my niece), made this cute game for Purim, which they gave out instead of extra mishloach manot (that is, they fulfilled the mitzvah, and then these were for fun.) The game is called Zachor It! based on the Spot It! game. The idea of the game is that there […]

Hanukkah Digital Cupcake Wrappers Package

10 Dec

new hanukkah wrapper package

Hanukkah is coming, which means its time for Hanukkah cupcake wrappers. I have just added a new package to the shop to order all three Hanukkah digital cupcake wrappers as one downloadable package in the shop. Meaning you can purchase the blue-green, maroon and orange cupcake wrappers in one purchase. This actually saves you some money, […]

Yoram king of Israel and the famine

6 Jul

yehoram mashal copyright meira josephy

I have had very little to say in the past few weeks. Just so sad about all four boys who were killed. I don’t know why, but I was reminded of this piece that I made quite a number of years ago when I was also feeling sad about events in the news. It is […]

Torah Stitch by Stitch project

26 May

Genesis 22:17-­‐20 stitched by Elly Friedman Toronto, ON Canada

The Torah Stitch by Stitch project is not strictly a project geared towards children, however it is one that children can participate in, and would be an interesting project for a group as a bar/bat mitzvah project. Created by artist, Temma Gentles, it is intended for people who want to experience “the purpose, rigor, and […]

A View from the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program by Flora Rosefsky

21 May

Flora Rosefsky SABBATH BRIDE QUEEN copyright F. Rosefsky

Remember the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program I posted about a while back? Today we have a guest post from Flora Rosefsky, a mentor in the program. I’ve long admired Flora’s work so I’m excited to have her perspective in the Mitzvot Unplugged series. Her work is fun and vibrant, as you can […]

Jewish Content Collaborative Pinterest Boards

4 Feb

Collaborative Jewish Themed Pinterest Boards Add Yours on the comments on the post

I wanted to create a list of Jewish content collaborative pinterest boards. Why? Outside of this blog, I also do community building and web design for non-profits and artists, with a particular focus on Pinterest. For many of them, having access to collaborative boards with an audience interested in Jewish themes is important. In particular, for […]

Most popular digital cupcake wrappers

23 Jan

Birkat Chaverim most popular digital cupcake wrappers

I’ve been adding to our digital cupcake wrapper offerings. I try to add designs that will match our cover offerings. What I have noticed so far is that the favorite covers are: Purim wrappers Mazal Tov Stars Light Blue Mazal Tov Stars Dark Blue Mazal Tov Circles Anyone interested in ordering Purim wrappers can do […]