A View from the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program by Flora Rosefsky

Guest post by Flora Rosefsky about mentoring in the American Guild of Judaic Arts Mentor Program via Birkat Chaverim for Mitzvot UnpluggedRemember the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program I posted about a while back? Today we have a guest post from Flora Rosefsky, a mentor in the program. I’ve long admired Flora’s work so I’m excited to have her perspective in the Mitzvot Unplugged series. Her work is fun and vibrant, as you can see from the works included in this post.

Flora Rosefsky SABBATH BRIDE QUEEN copyright F. Rosefsky

Flora Rosefsky, SABBATH BRIDE QUEEN, collage: paper cutout and  mixed materials, © Flora Rosefsky


We started our mentoring program this past November, 2013  and have been meeting about once a month, usually a Sunday evening, 8pm EST. I live in Atlanta, Georgia.  After some discussion to learn what Adam is interested in, I give him an “art assignment” to complete for the following session. He scans the completed work a few days before we meet  when a  thoughtful critique takes place. Adam is a mature 7th grader, very focused, and enthusiastic about the mentoring program, where he can have a one on one educational experience with a professional teaching artist. This supplements his ongoing visual arts education in school as well as his natural interest in drawing, which he enjoys on his own.

After his Bar Mitzvah, he will be creating a mixed media work expressing a theme from his Parashat Hashavua. A theme he thought he’d like to explore might be “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”.  It is really a delight to be Adam’s mentor this year.

Titles of themes of Adam’s work:

Adam Harris Tree of Life copyright Adam Harris

Adam Harris, TREE OF LIFE,  paper cutout collage (Polish method of symmetry using folded paper) © Adam Harris

Adam Harris Passover Symbolic Plate copyright Adam Harris

Harris, Adam, UNTITLED – PASSOVER SYMBOLIC PLATE – Harris Family Traditions,  Mixed Media (paper cutout and drawing) © Adam Harris
Adam Harris Shalom copyright Adam Harris
Adam Harris, SHALOM: Peace,  paper cutout with drawing © Adam Harris

To Join the Mentor Program

The mentoring program has rolling admissions and a few more openings. To learn more contact the American Guild of Judaic Art.

Flora Rosefsky TIKUN OLAM copyright F. Rosefsky Flora Rosefsky NEILAH

Flora Rosefsky, TIKKUN OLAM and NEILAH (two paper cutout collage works in the “RITUAL SERIES”., © Flora Rosefsky
Flora Rosefsky_no.1 LIFECHAPTER5LFlora Rosefsky, LIFE CHAPTER  5 (one in a ” LIFE CHAPTERS Suite of 7: A Visual Autobiography”  (My life at the age of 5.)collage,  paper cutout and mixed materials, © Flora Rosefsky

To see more of Flora’s work please visit her website.

According to Larry Schloss, Mentor Program Founder and Director, The mentor program is currently underway and includes as mentors, Judaic artists Shoshanna Brombacher, Michael Bagdanow, Karen Dresser, Flora Rosefsky, Reeva Schaffer, Karin Shain Schloss, and Jeanel Vogel. The students live in California, El Paso, Texas, New Jersey, and Portland, Oregon. The students participating are delightful kids who are passionate about art in general, and Judaic art in particular.


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