Building Swing Chesed Project

swing set 1. Hand build swing set in black and natural color

What makes a great Bnai Mitzvah chesed project? While there is no one answer, I think Gilad’s swing building is a special project. Gilad chose to build swings in Oz VeGaon reserve. Gilad’s building swings chesed project is an active, physical chesed project.


the bar mitzvah boy

Gilad and a group of his friends built swings for Oz VeGaon. Oz VeGaon is the park/reserve set up and dedicated in memory of Gilad Sar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frankel, who were murdered more than five years ago by terrorists. It is named Oz (strength) due its proximity to Kibbuz Migdal Oz, and Gaon is an acronym in Hebrew of the three young men’s names. Oz VeGaon is a tourist site, a camping site, and also an educational site where groups can participate in agricultural and Zionism workshops.

Gilad planned the activity for the day before the anniversary of the abduction. Building swings is a particularly good activity for when there is nice weather. It is not really a project for rainy or snowy weather.  He and his friends were guided by a local carpenter in  building the swing. Having someone on hand who has experience in building is extremely important. With the guidance, they worked together, working hard and well to create beautiful swings.

Man and boy working on the swing frame

Why A Swing Building Chesed Project is a Good Idea

boys painting the bench section of the swing

Swing building is a great project on many levels. There is, of course, the aspect of remembrance and giving to others. Long after the project is finished, visitors will enjoy the swings. Additionally, the boys learned new skills and could feel proud of how their hard physical work contributes to others.

Oz VGaon has many ways for groups to volunteer at the site. For instance, a local girls school created a mosaic sign. If you can come up with a project that fits the imagination and skills of your Bnai Mitzvah you can likely do something special that would work. You can use this idea to benefit your own local organization.

Bnei Mitzvah Ideas

We often feature different ways to celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Whether through special educational projects like the art mentorship and tefillin project, or through learning programs for Bnai Mitzvah. But we have a particular interest in exploring value building and share guest posts and reviews (Pirkei Hallel.) Chesed projects like Gilad’s swings or Briyah’s shelter/synagogue project fit into this. Have an interesting project? We want to hear about it.

Mazal Tov!

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