Bomb shelter/Synagogue Clean up project

The latest news in Israel has shown that a bomb shelter is part of life here. Unfortunately, not every home has a reenforced room. Therefore, having access to a decent one is important. I was consequently, pleased to see this bomb shelter/synagogue clean up project that an almost Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem is undertaking. I have personally attended this synagogue and bomb shelter, and definitely agree that it is in need of face lift.

Bomb shelter/synagogue clean up project description

Chaya, Briyah’s mom described the project:

“Living in Israel, bomb shelters are a necessary part of our lives. Here in the heart of Jerusalem, space is precious and funds are slim. And so, our local bomb shelter also doubles as our beloved Synagogue – Kol Rina. This unique bomb shelter/synagogue is also, unfortunately, A WRECK.

My daughter Beriah decided to make her Bat-Mitzvah project the ‘Bombshelter Make-over’ and we need Your Help! Every bit of what we raise will go towards making this Bomb shelter-Synagogue a place of not only PHYSICAL, but also SPIRITUAL REFUGE, in challenging times.”

Briyah has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help with supplies. You can hear how she describes her project here:

Again the link to the Go Fund Me campaign .

Active Help

Additionally, Briyah’s cleanup effort will take place in the next few weeks. Are you interested in helping with this? Comment below or send us an email so we can let you know more about the details.

Other Ideas

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Bomb Shelter/Synagogue Cleanup project Tween next to the door of the  Kol Rina Synagogue and bomb shelter explaining her Bat Mitzvah project.

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