Resource for Bar/Bat Mitzvah from a Mother in Israel

Because we host the Bnei Akiva bencher project, we like to post from time to time post information, ideas or resources that help families planning a simcha. So here’s another one. A recent post on A Mother in Israel, Inspiring Projects for Your Child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a useful one.

Ideas from A Mother in Israel

First there are some self reflective questions to help decide on the right project/celebration for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. In addition, she shares a few unusual ways to celebrate these rites of passages. For instance, running a book drive to create a lending library for disadvantaged children. The comments section on the A Mother in Israel post has even more interesting ideas. For instance, one idea is making create a bear kits for therapists to use with children. Others include collecting coupons or organizing a quilting bee.

Additional Ideas from our Site

On the Birkat Chaverim blog we also have a growing collection of ideas for celebrating Bar and Bat Mitzvah. For instance, a guest post talks about Kesher Tefillin’s project to make ones own Tefillin, about organizing a clothing swap and creating a Lego museum. We additionally have more broad based posts that are more theoretical in nature like Putting the Mitzvah in Bar and Bat Mitzvah and What do you do at a Bat Mitzvah Anyway? And, of course, we share cover design ideas that we have designed or have been used with the Bnei Akiva benchers.  For instance, the Mission Impossible bencher and tie ins, the use of Laya Crust’s ketubbah design for a cover, a California design, our own designs inspired by questions from customers, and benchers off the beaten path.

I always love hearing about creative and meaningful ideas to celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Have you done something meaningful or fun for your simcha? Please share in the comments below.

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