Relationship Cupcake Wrappers

Relationship Cupake Wrappers and Toppers by Birkat Chaverim

New: Relationship Cupcake Wrappers

In honor of Tu BAv I wanted to share my new digital relationship cupcake wrappers. These came about in a spur of the moment way. For the past several years Birkat Chaverim has been donating digital cupcake wrappers as a donor thank you gift to individuals who donate to The Eden Center on Giving Tuesday.

Background Story

Usually I provide the link to the digital cupcake wrapper options and ask the donor to choose which one they would prefer. This year, one of the donors said “Surprise me.” What she meant was, choose one and I’ll be happy with whatever one you choose. I happened to be in the mood to design something new, and I happened to know that the donor had great experience in helping couples with their relationships, so I did surprise her by suggesting… relationship cupcake wrappers with conversation starters for couples so they can share how they are feeling, that they care about their partner, and in general allow them to build their partnership. Luckily she liked the idea and came up with some phrases to use.

Starting Conversations

These are great phrases. For instance, “I appreciate you,” “Tell me more,” and “Is this a good time to talk?”¬† I could see the relationship cupcake wrappers being used for private couple meals as well as for sheva brachot with a give the young couple suggestions theme. These are also useful to therapists to use in their toolkits in helping couples. I haven’t posted them in the store yet, but if you are interested in them, email me at info@.


I would love to create other cupcake wrappers like this. I’m thinking about an ice breaker type cupcake wrapper. If you have any suggestions please write them below.

Thank you Talli Rosenbaum  for your word suggestions.

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