New: Mini Purim Cupcake Wrappers

mini Purim cupcake wrappers via Birkat ChaverimSpoiler alert! We are using these Mini Purim Cupcake Wrappers for our mishloach manot this year. The picture above is approximately how they will look, although we might use healthier content. Here we used mini marshmallows and “Clicks” which have some sort of flour/crunchy filling inside.

These mini Purim cupcake wrappers are a little bit different from the full sized cupcake wrappers in that the text “Purim Sameach” is in Hebrew and not in English.

My kids have been enjoying playing with them. I thought I might do a little Purim video skit with them, but so far they are not so into that idea.

I’ve added the mini cupcake wrappers to the main store, so you too can use them if you so desire.

mini Purim cupcake wrappers via Birkat Chaverim

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