Sukkot Cupcake Wrappers

These sukkot mini cupcake wrappers have a story behind them. Do you remember Hurricane Harvey? It seems so long ago to those not affected and given the latest natural disasters happening now. However, last year the Houston Jewish community was hard hit. In addition to donating funds to the local community, Bnei Akiva of North America wanted to send them Bnei Akiva benchers, as a “we are with you” type of symbol.

These are those benchers:

houston benchers

I thought the idea was nice and wanted to add something small. Given how digital wrappers can travel nice and flat, I designed these cupcake wrappers and had them included in the package sent to Houston. I do not know where they ended up in Houston. However, we used and appreciated them and now that they exist, you too can use them. You can find them in our shop and use them with your family for sukkot.

Sukkot Cupcake wrappers

Sukkot Digital Cupcake Wrappers in the Shop

Sukkah Decorations

In addition, I suggested to my daughter’s English teacher, that they might want to send something to the community. The girls in her class, and other grades as well, ended up making cute decorations that included writing notes and a hanging apple. These apples are along the line of the apples we made a while back.

Apple sukkah hanging

These did not end up going out in time, so did not hang in a sukkah. But I hope they do this year. In any case, a simple easy design and project.

Apple sukkah hanging

Sukkot Digital Cupcake Mini Wrappers

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