If I Forget thee Jerusalem- Nostalgic Iconography of Jerusalem

Given that the 9th of Av is around the corner, I wanted to write about a Jerusalem topic again. In this case nostalgic iconography of Jerusalem. I’m going to draw on something I researched for a paper I wrote for my MA. The topic was depictions of Jerusalem in wedding invitations. At the time I looked at about 1000 wedding invitations in public and priv ...

Cow Knock Knock Joke shirt

First Zazzle Sale

I wanted to mention that I had my first Zazzle sale. Completely different than anything I sell at this site- it was a t-shirt of a knock knock joke my college roomates enjoyed and subsequently, my young family members also enjoyed. Click on the link below to see the joke in detail. Cow Knock Knock Joke Tshirt

Exploring Zazzle

I have been playing around with zazzle as another possible way to reach potential customers. I feel that not everyone is comfortable ordering from a small online store -so far most of our orders are not going through our online order system. Since Zazzle is so much larger, it provides a greater sense of security for some potential customers. I also like ...


One more card sample

Here's another sample thank you card. Again, these can be repurposed into invitations, bencher covers etc. I like the repeating circles in happy colors. If I added English to this too, I would either do something similar on a circle lower down in the design, or perhaps as a continuation of the Hebrew design.



On a totally different topic, I wanted to post some things which are not on the website at all. These are based on cards  (thank you cards, post cards, simchat bat cards) done for commissions. These could be used for invitations or for bencher covers. At least something similar could be done for a bencher cover since these lie horizontally rather th ...