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I have been playing around with zazzle as another possible way to reach potential customers. I feel that not everyone is comfortable ordering from a small online store -so far most of our orders are not going through our online order system. Since Zazzle is so much larger, it provides a greater sense of security for some potential customers. I also liked the idea of some of the products they offer, like stamps and magnets and its fairly simple to set up.

There are also some products I probably won’t offer on the Birkat Chaverim site but would be appropriate on Zazzle. I’m thinking of the knock knock joke comics, which are just fine for Zazzle but which I may not offer here because its way different from everything else on the site. I will likely add some of the products on this site at some point.

I’ve included the little flash panel they offer to share what I’ve experimented with so far:

make custom gifts at Zazzle

One thing that I will need to test is whether Hebrew can be supported. In theory unicode is supported but how well is a question. For now most products on Zazzle are set up in English.

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