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Back to School: Decorating Pencils

8 Sep

This is a great multi-age craft for the begining of the school year.We did it with children ages 3 through 8 but it was also popular with a 14 year old. It would make a great Bar/Bat Mitzvah craft, especially if you donated the supplies to children for school. We did a few types of […]

Doorknob reuse?

19 Jun


I have a few of these old doorknobs from a set of drawers I picked up one hundred years ago and refinished. I’ve been thinking about ways to spruce them up. Any ideas?

Top Ten Favorite Uses for Lonely Socks

11 Jun

We love sock projects around here and I’ve noticed that missing socks tend to be an obsession among my family and friends. So I thought I’d put together a list of things that can be done with lonely socks. These are not in any particular order: Make doll clothing- Great project to do with kids! […]

CD case Omer calendar

28 Mar

Do you remember the omer calender template I posted a while back? My daughter’s birthday is around Passover so for the little inexpensive prize that kids give out in gan, this year I decided to give omer calendars. It served a two-fold purpose. 1. We have lots and lots of cd cases because we used […]

Kosher For Passover homemade playdough

7 Mar

Playdough without flour

Playdough is usually made out of flour, which obviously is not ok for use on Passover. I have seen alternative gluten free recipes with rice flour or corn flour. What I hadn’t seen was potato flour, a main staple on Passover (especially if you are of Ashkenazi decent.) We had  reason to make some homemade […]

Do-it-ourselves Lamp Shade using plaster gauze

27 Jan

Plaster gauze lamp

I don’t know why I never posted this. When we moved into our current apartment, we noticed that none of our light fixtures had shades. I figured, we could probably come up with some on our own. Have you ever noticed that it often takes more time to think about what you’d like to do […]

Book Swap Frequently Asked Questions

1 Jan

bookswap frequently asked questions

NOTE: The bookswap is back in business. Now on the ground floor. Frequently asked questions about the community bookswap. The bookswap is a community resource- if you think you are using it in a way that is contrary to its nature, ask. We want people to use it, not to stop using it because its […]

Barbie Nightgown

30 Dec

In the summer I mentioned one of the mother-daughter projects on our list was to sew something. My daughter decided she wanted to make a nightgown for one of her Barbie dolls. I admit I probably would never have bought these, but she received three hand me down Barbies from my nieces and we do […]

Draidel Tag- You’re It!

12 Nov

Ok I’ll start- what things can you recycle into draidels or svivonim for Hanukkah? My contribution- jacks turned (ha ha) draidels. And you can make them as all in one Israeli and Diaspora versions. They do spin fairly well although they would not win any contests for long spinning action. Ok- if you want to […]

Marbleized Paper Accordion Book

11 May

Marble Paper Accordion Book

I’ve mentioned our round robin art class where my 5 year old and a few of her friends meet up once a week to do art projects. We’ve done aprons and hair things like these and the other moms have done pencil holder, modge podged plate, fimo barrettes with draidels and menorahs, tzedaka box, puppets, […]