A fruity use for socks, use those spares!

We love sock projects and this fruity use for socks is an easy one. Recently a friend posted on facebook about a business that made “avocado socks“. That is, socks made out of shetland wool in order to ripen avocados. I thought that was a cute idea but also thought, lets try that ourselves!

How this Works

Apparently, avocados release the gas ethylene while they are ripening. In face, commercial growers use ethylene to help speed up ripening in avocados and other fruit. Enclosing the avocado in a sock helps speed the ripening process up by keeping the ethylene from dissipating into the air and directing it back at the avocado. You can find more information about this and stages of ripening of an avocado from the California Avocado site, as well as a comparison of some other ripening methods from Bustle.

What we did

We are always happy to make use of our spare sock stock. Here we are taking our ordinary avocados:


And dressing them up in snazzy socks:

Avocado socked


Ripe avocados in about a day or two. In other words, I believe they ripened faster. However, we need to look at this in a more methodical way next time. It could be a fun science experiment for Tu BShvat. Girls socks are very colorful. They cheer up the kitchen. I will say that I suggested this idea to someone who, like me, is a bit obsessed with lonely socks. This individual did not think her spouse would allow such use of old and lonely socks. How about you? Would you use them?

More Sock Ideas

Are you looking for other ideas for using spare socks? We have a variety of projects with socks. For instance, Barbie dresses, Barbie hats, and doll sleeper futons.We have assorted other lonely sock projects in other posts on Birkat Chaverim as well. But we are always interested in new ones. Do you have your own lonely sock ideas to share? Share your comments below.

A fruity use for socks on backdrop of a pair of socks.

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