Top Ten Favorite Uses for Lonely Socks

Top ten lonely socks uses via birkat chaverim.We love sock projects around here and I’ve noticed that missing socks tend to be an obsession among my family and friends. So I thought I’d put together a list of things that can be done with lonely socks. These are not in any particular order:

  1. Make doll clothing- Great project to do with kids! You can do the easy  version with basic cuts or the more complicated version. We’ve made hats, sweaters,  dresses, shirts pants, “diapers”, and skirts. One of my favorites is a Gap sweater from a childs sock.
  2. Make doll house furniture such as this futon.
  3. Use them to polish silver- Very convenient, especially if you are having a kid clean your silver. Sock goes over the hand and so the mess tends to stay localized. Use toothpaste for the polish and then whatever doesn’t stay on the sock smells minty clean.
  4. For dusting. Even better if you make a cute sock puppet to make dusting more kid friendly. Makes me think of Cheaper by the Dozen and how the little girls would dust the legs of chairs and tables.
  5. Scarves.
  6. Slippers. I love this idea for slippers.
  7. Sock monkeys or puppets. Any animal will do
  8. Bottle cover for cold bottles
  9. Freezer ice pack. If you fill it with beans/rice you could also use it as a heating pack in the microwave.
  10. Don’t do anything with them. Save them and when Adar or April Fools rolls around, let your family wear non matching socks without the worry that you’ll end up with more non-matching socks after a wash. Or send your family to school/work with mismatched socks and tell them its a fashion statement. Think what good you can be doing for your child in helping them withstand peer pressure by encouraging individualism!

More ideas on the birkat chaverim sock pinterest board.

Any other suggestions?

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