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favorite pinterest pins Hanukkah from Birkat ChaverimAs you know we have an active Pinterest presence where we pin our own content as well as content that we like. We also have several exciting collaborative Pinterest boards like the Jewish Informal Education and Crafts board and the Jewish Art board. I thought I would share our top five pinned content this month. Unsurprisingly the top five were all Hanukkah related.

1. Origami Dreidels

2. Dreidel Crayons

3. Sefer Breishit Resources

4. Holiday I Spy

5. Hanukkah Digital Cupcake Wrappers


My favorite pin from our Hanukkah board is:

Ok this doesn’t look like a Hanukkah craft but I really want to make it as a Hanukkah craft- Homemade Soap from Ivory Soap. I envision dreidel cutters and oil in the project.

From the Jewish Informal Education and Crafts board:

K’nex Dreidel pinned by Joanna Brichetto (Bible Belt Balabusta).

From the Jewish Art board:

The Pink Cadillac Hanukkah Lamp from Copa Judaica


Do you have a favorite Hanukkah pin?



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