A Doll clothing Chug or Clothing for Barbie


This chug or workshop/after school activity evolved from a gift to my daughter of naked Barbies and because my niece was sick. Or clothing for barbie turned into a mini class.

My daughter received a bunch of hand-me-down toys (we love hand me downs- reuse, recycle!) including three Barbies, with only one outfit. While I don’t particularly mind when some of her other baby dolls end up without a stitch of clothing, I am not such a fan of naked Barbies.

Clothing for Barbie

I began to search for quick clothing options for Barbie. Since my sewing machine is still in storage, that meant crochet or hand sewing. There are some great crochet patterns and sewing patterns available for free on the internet such as at bevscountrycottage.com. My goal was to use stuff I already had at home. I was mostly thinking about crochet since I already do toys for my daughter and her friends (think frog puppets around Pesach etc.) Then, I stumbled on a few posts about using socks for Barbie clothing, and then doll clothing.

My initial foray into Barbie sock clothing was a dress from a lonely men’s sock. This can be seen on the Barbie on the left in the picture. I then stumbled upon a blog with more sock clothing suggestions. I then made the sweater that Barbie two is wearing (on the right), from a white sport sock.
My two year old was extremely pleased. I was actually surprised with how much she loved it. I eventually also made a skirt and sweater outfit. What I love about these outfits are they are really quick to make and fairly forgiving.

A class is born

I showed the clothing to my nieces who really enjoyed the idea, but since my daughter’s Barbies were formerly their Barbies, it wasn’t per say a practical thing for them.

More about this next time

Barbie sock clothing

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