Doll Clothing Making Course Week One

Bathing suit created by one participant
Sock bathing suit

I showed the girls the Barbie clothing (see post on birth of chug for picture)  and Build a Bear outfit (currently unphotographed.) Barbies have a really large selection of clothing choices- baby socks make great shirts, children’s socks have great colors and patterns and are easy skirts or pants. With a little sewing men and women’s socks become sophisticated dresses, sweaters or pants. The top of socks can become barrettes or winter hats. In another post I’ll show an example of a hat.
The Build a Bears (or other bears of that size) are larger- they seem to come in two sizes.

Glove as Barbie skirt
Glove as Barbie skirt

When the girls were looking for socks to use for their clothing in the pile of socks, I asked them to make sure that they pulled the socks over the bears hips to be sure that their outfit was going to fit. Mostly that left us with black or white sport socks, but we did have an occasional find of other color winter sport socks or children’s socks with extra stretch. The bear sporting the bathing suit was lucky enough to encounter a stretchy child’s sock. There was also a cute grey sports sock which was made into a dress. Most of the girls did not finish their outfits in the first week.
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