Barbie gets a new hat

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I had been eyeing the top of a sock that was a remnant from a sock made into a skirt and dress for Barbie. It looked a bit Peter Pan-ish. In the end I measured Barbie’s head, cut a piece of elastic, slightly smaller than her head, and sewed it in a circle inside the sock. This is the circumference of the Barbie head.

barbie2I tried to make sure that the elastic was stretched to the length of the sock material (if that makes sense,) so it would fit Barbie’s head afterwards. Once the elastic was sewn in, I trimmed the sock seam, did a bit of cutting here and there, added a feather, and voila! Barbie has a stylish hat. The (child) recipient of this hat was quite pleased. As I was writing this post she said, “That’s my baby!” For her all dolls and bears are babies.


Materials used:
Top of an old sock
needle and thread

You may use whatever embellishments you wish. We may add a ribbon or flower at some point.

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