Home made Jump Ropes via Birkat Chaverim

Home Made Jump Ropes

We made these over break a while back. Jump roping during recess is apparently a big thing in school these days. We had a jump rope (somewhere!) but I thought it might be fun to make our own. I was happy about making something that is fairly simple to make and can be used for exercise! We made two types but our favorite kind is the one made out of yarn. ...


Upshern ideas

What type of special things do you do for an upshern? That is if its your minhag or are invited to one. My niece recently made a fun set of tzitzit that would be a great project to do with an almost three year old or as a gift for the three year old. It was a commissioned request that required trucks, name and aleph bet. Any design could really be do ...

Table Fables School Bus Playhouse

Super Contest Table Fables Play House

We have a super opportunity for all you readers. Table Fables is offering one play house to one of our readers. These are fun play houses that can be used over a table or chairs for imaginative play. Please read on below for more information about creative play and Table Fables from Table Fables' S. Weiner. But before that to enter the contest please: ...

Ballerina Hair pony

Easy barrette project

My daughter likes the types of hair ornaments that her friend in gan tends to wear. They are frilly and girly and sort of remind one of a ballerina. They look sort of like this: Ballerina Hair ponyWe have lots of plain hair elastics (for some reason mostly purple ones, the pink ones seem to disappear quickly) and we also happen to have scrap ribbon in friendly colors and designs. cool barrette ingredientsOne morning I decided to see whether simply tying some of the scrap ribbon to one of our existing hair elastics would be cook enough for a three year old. Turns out its incredibly cool for a three year old. She was very excited about the idea and wanted to make two instead of one. ...

Free Photo book

THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED Perhaps useful to readers post a celebration (print out fun pictures,) pre celebration (create a history book or whatever) but I just received an email about a promotion for a free photo book promotion for Picaboo new customers. I'm including a link to the promotion below.  


BiRechov Yirmiyahu- children’s book with textile eye candy

rechov1I have been meaning to post about this book for a long time but the Tenth of Tevet is appropriate due to the name of the book and the connection of the Prophet Jeremiah to the period of seige and destruction of Jerusalem. This book has a much happier subject. I found it at Shavua hasefer (book week) this past year and immediately bought two copies and showed it to my class (doll clothing) for inspiration.  The book is called BiRechov Yirmiyahu or Jeremiah Street and is written by Libi Daon and illustrated by Lena Guberman. ...