Yetziat Mitzrayim, Exodus themes for Parshat Beshalach

I’ve always loved the themes related to the Exodus, in particular the splitting of the sea. I have a few works related to that.

The first one is rather Moshe focused. Below are two more one is more people focused and the last one is Miriam and the women focused. All three have a bit of an emphasis on the water as well. I also always liked the Mayim chayim symbolism so that seems to have snuck in quite a bit.

If I made another Miriam one today it would be very different. If I have time I will, and it will have something to do with depictions in the 14th century or related to how Miriam was depicted in Dura Europos. Once upon a time I did some research on how Miriam and the women are depicted in Jewish art and I found it kind of interesting that today Miriam is usually depicted as the main figure whereas in past iconography Miriam and the women are on equal footing. Any thoughts on why that might be?

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