Welcoming Guests Parshat Vayera

For this week’s parsha I thought I would post something I made a while back. I originally called it Abraham and the three angels, but the truth is you don’t see Abraham or Sarah, but only the three angels. Its sort of in a werkstatte style, turn of the last century. I originally made it as an 8×10 print, but here I’m showing it on a mug from my zazzle store.
The theme of the work is welcoming guests. In this portion, Abraham, according to tradition, is waiting for guests, despite being in pain, and Hashem sends three in part to fulfill the mitzvah of visiting the sick.

I am going to use both of these themes with my daughter for her mitzvah book. I have an idea for hachnasat orchim (welcoming visitors) but not yet visiting the sick.

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