Easy barrette project

My daughter likes the types of hair ornaments that her friend in gan tends to wear. They are frilly and girly and sort of remind one of a ballerina. They look sort of like this:

Ballerina Hair ponyWe have lots of plain hair elastics (for some reason mostly purple ones, the pink ones seem to disappear quickly) and we also happen to have scrap ribbon in friendly colors and designs.

cool barrette ingredientsOne morning I decided to see whether simply tying some of the scrap ribbon to one of our existing hair elastics would be cook enough for a three year old. Turns out its incredibly cool for a three year old. She was very excited about the idea and wanted to make two instead of one.

cool to three year old hair elasticsWhich we did. We just cut the scrap in half and tied them to two elastics. I added glue to finish the edges so they wouldn’t unravel. We made some with the gauzy type of ribbon in blue and we will probably make more as needed.

In the meantime these are getting good use:

hair elastics with ribbon

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