50th anniversary Crafting Jerusalem

We are alive with all the excitement of the 50 anniversary celebrations around here as well as just returning to some normalcy given all the street closures due to President Trump’s visit. Thank G-d for kind parents, although the school bus was canceled multiple times this week, my daughter still made it to school (and back too.) 

Crafting Jerusalem

I wanted to share a project my son, and his kindergarten did in honor of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. Each child was asked to choose their favorite spot in the city and make a project related to it.

My son had a few ideas of what he wanted to do and in the end chose to make Yaakov Agam’s heart. This is an installation by Yaakov Agam outside the Wolfson building in Rechavia. From the installation location you have a great view of the Knesset. I have heard people like to come here to watch the Yom Haatzmaut fly overs as well.

Here’s the Heart:

Yaakov Agam Heart Installation Rechavia

And Here is his take on the heart:

Yaakov Agam Heart Craft

This was an easy project. Paper cut into increasingly smaller hearts, folded and glued to a base covered in blue paper (with white magen david’s drawn all over it.) It was actually fairly easy to make. We used a box of frozen yogurt pops as the base.

Here’s cutting the hearts:

Agam Heart Cutting Craft

Gan’s Crafting Jerusalem

Here are some of the other projects other kids in his gan made:

sites in Jerusalem craft

And here are some of the educational materials they were working on in class:

matching Game Jerusalem sites

Matching letters to names of places and things in Jerusalem,

embossing Jerusalem craft

Embossing sites in Jerusalem,

Embossed Montifiore Windmill Jerusalem

and Montifiore’s windmill embossing.

You may also be interested in Kotel related crafts:

Kotel popup card

Kotel out of marshmallows

And of course our Kotel cover designs and cupcake wrappers

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