Jerusalem Day

In honor of Yom Yerushalayim I wanted to talk about some projects I have been working on that are Jerusalem based.

Fun in Jerusalem screenshot

First off- the revamped website. I’ve mentioned the site before because I helped out with the logo. To give some background, the site is geared towards family friendly activities in Jerusalem. Articles are about sites with fun activities for kids and provide information about the little things that make a family outing fun and not stressful. It also includes a calendar of events which can be sorted by types of events and specifies age appropriateness.

The site itself was originally built using WordPress and it was starting to outgrow WordPress. This is not to say that WordPress is not a good platform (this blog uses WordPress), but looking at the specifications, it seemed easier to do what was wanted using a content management system and not a blogging platform. We used Joomla and some really great plugins to get the functionality desired. You can see the results at Its still growing but Joomla is treating it well so far.

Check out the site and recommend it to people who might find it useful.

emek refaim apartment brochureAnother Jerusalem based project or projects are a bunch of brochures for Habitat, a Jerusalem based real estate company. These are for really lovely apartments. I’ve only included a thumb of a two page spread for one of the apartments on Emek Refaim and a link to the slide share version of another apartment brochure on Agnon but I’m happy to share all the ones done so far for anyone interested in purchasing an apartment or getting an idea of how the brochures turned out. You can also take a look at  the full details of the apartments on the Habitat website.

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