Kid Made Marshmallow Kotel

Building a Marshmallow kotel via Birkat ChaverimThe idea of building the kotel or Beit Hamikdash out of Marshmallows is not the most original idea in the world. However, we did do a few additions that were fun, and you can too.

Food Coloring Glorious Good Coloring

First off, for our marshmallow kotel, we used food coloring to add a stone-like touch to the “bricks.” We also used leaf shaped sprinkle and chocolate sprinkles for the flora that can be found in between the stones. At least those that didn’t eat them during the project used them for decoration.

Multiuse Marshmallow Kotel

We made the marshmallow kotel for Yom Yerushalayim but it is also appropriate as a project for the three weeks/nine days. For the three weeks you could get more detailed about layouts of the Beit Hamikdash. You could also use the Kamtza Bar Kamtza puppets to expand the theme. Another craft that is appropriate for Yom Yerushalayim is a Kotel popup card. Note we also have kotel designs for Bnei Akiva bencher covers and digital cupcake wrappers.

Building Jerusalem out of Marshmallows via Birkat Chaverim.Do you have any suggestions for a kotel related project?

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