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I have been noticing many hits to our site for the terms “Yonah” and “Ateret Zekeinim.” Although the searchers are not specifically searching for my Yonah or Ateret Zekeinim, I thought i would highlight what these searches are seeing.

Yonah/Jonah is, of course, referring to the story of Jonah and the Big Fish. I always liked bright colors, pattern and gradation of color. At one point I also had a version of this as a Rosh Hashanah card where Jonah swims in and is ejected out of the fish (after Teshuvah, right?) This one, however, is much larger and can hang on the wall.

The Ateret Zekeinim is based on the verse in Mishlei- loosely translated here as the crown of the elders is their grandchildren. This is based on a commissioned work for first time grandparents. I liked that the children create the shape of a crown. And I always like abstract and vector-y images.

When I see specific search terms I often wonder why people are searching for these things. Are they researchers? Are they artists? Or are they interested in purchasing art? In any event I hope they like what they see.

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