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Mitzvot Unplugged Series Welcome from Birkat Chaverim
We are excited to be accepting submissions for the latest Mitzvot Unplugged Bnai Mitzvah edition. The Mitzvot Unplugged Series focuses on teaching our kids mitzvot in creative ways. The series takes place between Lag B’Omer and Shavuot. We are interested in guest posts that will help families teach their children Jewish values.

Focus of Mitzvot Unplugged Bnai Mitzvah Edition

Mitzvot Unplugged is open to guest posts in a wide area of topics. For the Mitzvot Unplugged Bnai Mitzvah edition, we are specifically interested in topics relevant to bar and bat mitzvah youth. This can include topics related to learning, chesed programs, parent/child interactions and other interesting programs.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us:

If you would like to see past posts in the series, here are the submissions to date in alphabetical order, by topic:


A Letter to A Soldier [MU3]

Melabev’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program [MU1] or Teaching the Mitzvah of Respecting the Elderly

Mitzvah Clowning with Areyvut [MU1] or Turning Jewish values into concrete actions through Areyvut



Hachnasos (Hachnasat) Orchim [MU1]

Kriyat HaTorah Course [MU3]

Lets Talk Jewish Learning! [MU1]

Teaching Pirkei Avot [MU1]

The Living Torah [MU1]

Creative Arts

A View from the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program by Flora Rosefsky [MU2]

Addendum to A View from the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program by Flora Rosefsky [MU2]

Comics to Teach Jewish Values [MU3]

Interview with the Maccabeats [MU1]

Kol HaOt – Illuminating Jewish Life through Art [MU1]

Torah Stitch by Stitch Project [MU2]

Tiny Ninja Theater’s Ma’amati, From When? [MU1]

Tiny Ninja Theater Revisited [MU3]

Using Papercuts to Teach Values [MU1]


Special Topics

Accessing the Torah with Jewish Interactive [MU2]

Online JconnecT Jewish Learning [MU2]

Review: Seven Steps to Mentchhood [MU1]

Training for Curiosity: Girls and Talmud Torah [MU1]


As you can see, there are a range of topics in the series and we are always interested in new ideas.

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