Tiny Ninja Theater Revisited

tiny ninja theater revisited illustrationA few years ago for Mitzvot Unplugged we had a guest post from Dov Weinstein of Tiny Ninja Theater about his one man performance piece M’amati. This past fall our family had a a wedding right around the time of a family member’s 75 birthday. Although this family member generally does not like surprises, we felt that given all the things going on, and all the diverse family members gathering in the same place, a surprise viewing of M’amati would be a great way of celebrating. Luckily Dov was available and easy going with the arrangements (did I mention that a number of the audience members arrived only a few hours before?) Also he is extremely quick and the surprise went over very well and was extremely funny.

Without giving anything away

The performance includes a mix of personal journey and performance of the first mishnah in Brachot and is tailored to the audience. There are props as one would expect from a Tiny Ninja Theater performance as well as some excerpts from Shakespere’s Romeo and Juliet.

A great multi age experience

I have to say that this was an amazing experience for all the various ages and backgrounds that were in the audience and there really was an eclectic range. Just looking at the children in attendance is revealing. There were children in American public school, religious Zionist and Beit Yaakov Israeli public school as well as assorted cheders. The performance was humorous and thoughtful and several children were subsequently heard quoting the first mishnah in Brachot because of it. Everyone got involved and it definitely made the birthday celebrant happy.

I knew it was a success when I heard various family members talking about it with other people.

I highly recommend this as a performance that fits various ages and stages as well as different learning backgrounds. This would work as a laid back activity for a family celebration such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah as well. One of the nice touches that Dov does is to tailor parts of the performance to he audience so each performance is unique.

To learn more about booking a performance visit TinyNinjaTheater.Com

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