Hanukkah Card Elements for LED Card Projects

Hanukkah Card Elements ExamplesI am sharing some Hanukkah card elements that can be used in projects, here. These elements are a result of fooling around with Chibitronics LED circuit stickers with my kids. The Chibitronics LED stickers are really neat little stickers and I am itching to come up with different ways to use them. So far we have used them in cards but we had been thinking about adding them to Purim costumes, making flashlights, placing them in boxes and more.

I picked some up over the summer because I thought they would be a fun way to learn about circuits, inspire my children into new ideas, be fun for me and so forth.Chibitronics has some nice tutorials about circuits although we started off with a very simple circuit.

We made some simple cards around Rosh Hashana time and plan to make some around Hanukkah as well. For the Rosh Hashana cards, I made a bunch of card elements like children, bees and apples to use for decorations. Here is a peak at one of the cards in process:

In process rosh hashana card with cibitronics led sticker from Birkat Chaverim

I wanted to do the same thing for Hanukkah vacation. I thought I would share the Hanukkah card elements here. If you use them please share the cards you make with us.

hanukkah card elements from Birkat Chaverim

Link to the PDF file of the Hanukkah card elements.

For other ideas for crafts and activities take a look at the projects listed under our Hanukkah menu item.

We took a look at a variety of card ideas using LEDs. One of our favorite card tutorial and idea was this Light up Shaker Fox card tutorial on youtube by Lesly Oman. It is not an easy card to make for small children. However, it gives ideas that children can use when making something of their own.


Let us know if you use these to make anything! We would love to see what you have made or hear about it in the comments below.

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