Travel games from other sources

I haven’t made these but they seem fun for traveling. The first two I stumbled across via The Crafty Crow, who did a fun set of posts about games from around the world.

Korean Board game The post on crafty crow uses craft sticks, rocks and a drawn board game to make this, but I imagine that in a pinch one could find things to make this even while traveling. Its a bit like Sorry.

Picaria A strategy game sort of like Tic Tac Toe but more complicated. Its a Native American game

Last year I hunted down lots of bingo, scavenger hunts, coloring sheets and mazes for a family trip with multi aged children. One thing we didn’t end up including in all those games were dot to dots. As a kid, I really liked doing and designing dot to dots- I used to like making them for my friends. I found a source for complicated ones and simple ones. The first site has dot to dots that change weekly based on ones syndicated in newspapers.

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