Travel toy- felt board


I have been meaning to start writing posts about travel related toys, games, and activities because I have an interest in family celebrations, and they tend to involve alot of travel. I would like to talk about things that might make travel easier, especially with small children.

I would like to start this type of thread by mentioning home made felt boards made with felt and old tshirts.

feltboard2Plain Felt board

To start here are several simple felt boards that can be made prior to travel. These are great for older children to make with younger children. Older children also enjoy playing with younger children with these felt boards. These work great with two year olds and 9-12 year olds (at least the ones I know.) They can also be made to fit a theme- family, a type of celebration, travel, location, mitzvot (good deeds) or fun. I have included a few examples.

To make:

felt-pieces1 Cardboard, masking tape, old tshirts or felt and markers.

Cut a rectangle piece of fabric, slightly larger than your piece of cardboard. Tape the material to the cardboard. Decorate or leave blank. For pieces either cut simple shapes or draw items such as cars, buildings, people or whatever you and your child want. Thats it!

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