Travel games

Haba mini dog game

We have been making travel games over the last few weeks in our chug/classes. The idea was that almost all the girls are going away somewhere once school is out and all of the “somewhere” require traveling. Having some travel games would make the traveling part of the trip more fun. For inspiration I pulled out a HABA game I bought my daughter a while back (see image.) I also pulled out three books that I thought might be useful for ideas:
Steven Caney’s Toy Book
Folk Toys Around the World and how to Make Them (Joan Joseph)
Sefer Hamischagim (Holiday Games Tamar Talshier)
The result of that was several games- here’s what we started with:
Mini Squeeky gameA miniature version of the game squeeky (I don’t really know much about the game, it involves trying to keep the cats from eating the mice and helping the mice eat the cheese, as far as I can tell.)
We made up a few games to play on planes and such. One was a fabric board and a bag to hold all the pieces. Another was a cardboard game with game pieces stuck down with velcro and we came up with a variety of rules for the game:
Look for the most outrageous shoes
who is the tallest passenger/person
the funniest T-shirt
Go back three steps
Go one step forward
loose a turn
return to start
find three people reading books and figure out which book was written first
find five people listening to music
what is the closest person who is drinking, drinking
how many people in the next seat section (or your section) are sleeping
find four people wearing orange/pink/yellow and tell about what they are wearing
find two sleeping babies
find someone with hazel eyes
I’ll try and post photos in another post.

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