Upshern Kippa Marshmallows

Kippa Marshmallows for Upshern via Birkat ChaverimI never got around to posting these- these are upshern kippa marshmallows for an upshern/chalaka. They are small half sphere marshmallows decorated with food markers (albeit food markers that were fading.) They were a big hit, for those who like marshmallows.

If you do upshern/chalaka as a family minhag/custom, I highly recommend making chocolate letters and letting the child hold them during the haircutting. It tends to be a useful distraction (especially if said child happens to eat them all instead of sharing them.)

Looking for other upshern ideas? How about decorating tzitzit using the computer or sharpies and an undershirt. Another option, a new car themed kippa.

Do you have any ideas to add?

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