Crocheted Kippah- Road Design

Car Kippa via Birkat Chaverim
Happy to share this crocheted kippah -road design. As my son was turning three, I wanted to do a few projects to get him excited about it. We have that custom of not cutting a boys hair until he is three (I readily admit this is not one of my favorite minhagim ever, although I do enjoy the Little Lord Fauntleroy look.) I wanted to do a few crafts to sort of get him ready for that.

Car Kippa via Birkat Chaverim
I figured that since he loves the color blue and he loves vehicles, the combination would work. I had seen a hat designed by Jacqui Delany on Ravelry similar to this but using a toy car. I did not want to use a toy car as I wanted him to be comfortable wearing a kippa throughout the day. I also am a little lazy, and did not want to do single crochet stitches when double crochet saves lots of time.
Car Kippa via Birkat Chaverim

I did not use a pattern and I am not going to write one down here. If you know how to crochet this is a fairly easy project. Basically you choose three colors and crochet based on the child’s head size. When you are almost near where you would want to finish off, switch to your road color and finish with your “grass” or road defining color. Add stitching in white yarn to the black “road” after the kippa is done. I originally added two crocheted cars, however, I switched them for felt ones as my crocheted cars looked too much like flowers. I used inexpensive yarn rather than cotton yarn, since I was worried the kippa would get lost/mauled/destroyed by overactive 3/4 year olds in gan. It has held up fairly well, although cotton probably would have been better.

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