Teaching Jerusalem one footstep at a time

In honor of Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem day, and as part of the Mitzvot Unplugged series, we are pleased to welcome, Joanna from FunInJerusalem.com, a website that helps families explore Jerusalem and its environs.

Teaching Jerusalem a footstep at a time a guest post from fun in jerusalem via birkat chaverimTake a walk down the small alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem and you may be wondering how you can experience such an Old City in a modern way. Today there are many ways to explore Jerusalem and bring the city alive for our children. For example in the Old City you can choose to go on the “Amazing Race”, take a theatrical walking tour with an actor well versed in Jerusalem’s history or you might choose to do a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt to learn about the famous landmarks, alleyways and the people living in the area.
Jerusalem is a very important historical city and each stone has a story to tell. Using a creative medium to teach the story really enriches the experience especially for children who do not have the attention span for a typical guided tour.
Many of the museums in Jerusalem have also become aware of this and now the Museum of the Underground Prisoner offers a self guided scavenger hunt, the Bible Lands museum has costumed actors leading kids through the exhibits to a hands on art workshop, the Israel Museum runs recycle workshops connected to their current exhibits and the Museum of Islamic Art runs fabulous art workshops where kids can produce their own art.
Jerusalem is a great family travel destination and it has come alive with lots of new tourism options for families. Even repeat visitors will find lots of new activities each time they return to Jerusalem. Experience Jerusalem…Have FUN!

Joanna Shebson is the founder of Fun In Jerusalem (www.FunInJerusalem.com), the source for kids/teen events and activities in Jerusalem.

Photos courtesy: Fun in Jerusalem

Additional resources that you can use from your own home (not all are specific to Jerusalem):

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