Patterning a map of Israel a map done in a kindergatrten via Birkat Chaverim

Patterning a map of Israel

I saw this idea of patterning a map of Israel in a local kindergarten, but I can see doing something like this with older children as well with various techniques. Basically the teachers divided up the map into various zones and had children use different techniques to fill in the map. This is great on a number of levels. It allows for different skil ...

Photo of Homemade gingerale made to use up yeast pre Passover via Birkat Chaverim

Getting Rid of Hametz

Photo of Homemade gingerale made to use up yeast pre Passover via Birkat ChaverimPesach is coming and getting rid of hametz is a large part of the frenzy of preparing for the holiday, even if you sell hametz before the holiday or give away hametz to families in need. We have been doing a few different fun things in the getting rid of hametz category. The bonus, if you start early enough and make quantities in bulk you have stuff to eat when everyone is starving and no one once to mess up cleaning the kitchen.

Our Getting Rid of Hametz Ideas

  • We made oatmeal freezer bars. I've been meaning to try these for a while and a bag of open oatmeal was a good opportunity. We made the recipe following first so did not have enough oatmeal for the recipe so we added whole wheat flour too. A big hit all around, easy as snack or breakfast although a little messy for the under 3 set.
Child made Kotel Pop Up Card

Kotel Pop-Up Card for Yom Yerushalayim

My daughter made this Kotel pop-up card in her art class this year for Yom Yerushalayim. She agreed to share it here. In the scheme of pop-up cards, it is not all that complicated a pop-up card to make. This is basically a tab style pop-up card. You can see how to make these types of pop up cards in this WikiHow post. A Little Kit? She is considering ...

A Guide to Woman in Gold, based on the art restitution case of Maria Altmann , the niece of Adele Bloch Bauer, who is in the Klimt painting.

A Guide to Woman in Gold

Well not exactly a guide to Woman in Gold. However, Yom Hashoah is around the corner and Woman in Gold is a Holocaust related film. You may or may not know that the film highlights the (actual) restitution case of Klimt paintings owned by the Bloch-Bauer family undertaken by lawyer E. Randol Schoenberg. The "Woman in Gold" is the "Portrait of Adele Bloc ...