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Tu B’shvat Garden

9 Feb

tu bshvat garden with recycled plastic bottle flowers

In honor of Tu B’shvat I thought i would share this garden created by one of our local schools. The garden includes both plants and plastic bottle recycled flowers. All were all “grown” by students with disabilities and it came out quite neat. They also grow herbs and plants which they sell and I always […]

Pinterest Tu Bshvat Resources from our Boards

29 Jan

As you know we have a growing following on our pinterest boards. If you have looked at the boards, you’ll note that we have some great pinterest Tu Bshvat resources to share with you there. Here are some of our favorite pins for Tu BShvat on our pinterest boards: Easy Tree snacks for Kids  Face […]

Shmitta Resources for Children

28 Jan

Some shmita resources for children via

This is a short list of Shmitta resources for children. If you have any that you would like to add please comment below: Resource list from Matal (Merkaz LTochen Limudim) Shmita at Tora Land– This is in Hebrew but very cute, and some of the games are easy Hebrew. There are games and videos to […]

Repotting succulents with a toddler

14 Jan

Repotting succulents with a toddler via birkat chaverim

We did this in honor of Tu B’shvat. We had bought a few small cactii and also had some succulents growing here and there, as well as 30 year old pots filled with soil but no plants. Together we dug holes, transferred the plants, watered the soil and then added rocks on top for interest […]

Tu Bshvat Handprints

14 Jan

hand print tree via birkat chaverim

Someone posted this project on the Jewish informal education and craft pinterest board and this is our version. We decided to do patterns for the bark (I helped color that part but so did my almost three year old, as you can see.) He also decided he wanted to print with his whole hand and […]

Foam flower project

14 Jan

Foam flower project

This is my daughter’s contribution. She said we should post her foam flower to “our website.” She made this in school the other day for Tu Bshvat. She made sure to explain that the flowers were cut into circles, then folded in half and skewered. The leaves were  cut into “leaf shapes.” This project was […]

Tu B’Shvat pins from the Jewish informal education board

11 Jan

As you know we’ve set up a collaborative Jewish informal education pinterest board (join us!). Here is a teaser of some of the pins that have been shared that would be great for Tu (15) B’shvat: One of my favorites is the scratch art leaf (cut off here) from Art Projects for Kids. Note that some […]

Some bencher covers appropriate for Tu B’Shvat

5 Feb

Reminder that if you have a simcha on Tu B’shvat, we have an assortment of floral and tree themed designs to use on your bencher cover. These can also be used for invitations and thank you notes. Take a look at the cover design section and feel free to contact us for more information, if […]

More on hydroponics

1 Feb

I thought I would add a few resources to the blog post on the hydroponics container garden- At Squidoo there is a more elaborate hydroponics experiment with pipes and such. Kids Gardening has a good curriculum post about hydroponics. It is not a unit on hydroponics but provides questions to ponder and areas to look […]

Hydroponic Mini Garden

27 Jan

I like this one as its yet another use for socks. It was largely an experiment that horribly failed with basil but is doing amazingly with mustard seeds. Basically cut a used bottle in half and turn the upper half upsidedown inside the lower half. stick an unwanted sock through the bottle neck into the […]