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Frequently Asked Questions

13 Jul


This is a “Frequently Asked Questions” Post where I will create links to blog posts or information that answer our customers’ questions.

Can I order a single Birkon?
Yes! Sample Bnei Akiva Birkon now online

What can I do with the color cover option for Birkonim?
What you can do with color covers

What is included in the Bnei Akiva Birkon?
Songs included in the Bnei Akiva Birkon
Table of Contents

What does the Bencher look like inside?

Does the Bnei Akiva Birkon have an English translation?
Yes. For full information about the translation see Language of Birkon.

Can I prepare a cover design myself?
Yes. For more information see Cover dimensions information.

Do you have designs that I can use for my simcha?
Yes. A sample of designs are included in the Cover design section. We also can do custom designs and invitation design.

Can I add additional content to the bencher?

Yes for an additional cost. It is also possible to match invitations, placecards or other contact. Contact us for more details and check out what was done for Hanukkah.

Do you have a facebook page?
Yes! We have a facebook page as well as an active pinterest account with interactive groups for Jewish art and Jewish informal education. Do follow us and see if you  want to join the groups.

Do you offer international shipping? Questions about international shipping

What type of payment options do you accept? Payment with Paypal

I noticed that the online ordering process requires a minimum order of 100 benchers, is it possible to order less?
Depends. Ask for more information.

What type of design work do you do? Samples of work can be found  in the Design category as well as on the main Birkat Chaverim website. These include art, graphic design, and web design.

Do you offer workshops? I do from time to time. See for example A Doll clothing chug is born one. Other examples include one time workshops on photo transfer techniques, and other techniques.

Let me know what other questions you would like answered here.

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