Wiki Loves Monuments Contest- Jerusalem

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Over sukkot we did a rather fun activity. Wikimedia Israel ran a little contest to get people to submit images of Heritage sites in Israel. I’ve always enjoyed the wiki loves art and wiki loves monuments type of projects and I knew that my daughter enjoys taking photos. I also knew she was a bit competitive so I told her about the contest and asked if she wanted to submit pictures to it. I did tell her we likely wouldn’t win but that lots of people would see the pictures afterwards.

We had a rather fun afternoon taking pictures of various places and I uploaded some of them. Here are some of the pictures from our day of shooting-

Ben Tzvi Institute

Outside Ben Tzvi

Bauhaus bank buildingBauhaus bank building

yeshurun synagogueyeshurun synagogue sukkahYeshurun synagogue and its sukkah.

We finished off with some ice cream. We had alot of fun and although I’m not sharing all the pictures here, it was an interesting experiment to look at places in a new way as well as to look at patterns and shapes. Maybe we’ll do it again.

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