Felt Hammentashen Hair Clips for Purim

hammentashen hair clip from birkat chaverim These felt hammentashen hair clips are a variation on the larger felt hamentashen we’ve made before. They are just cute and tiny. Here we are using them for hair clips, although the model is reluctant (the photo below is the photo before he yanked it out of his hair.) These would be fun as kippa clips and hair clips, even pins and earrings. I’ve put them on bobby pins and clips and started a necklace as well. I admit the necklace did not go far, I still have some of the elements, but maybe you will manage to finish one in time for Purim.

hammentashen hair clip from birkat chaverim

In our felt hammentashen tutorial we used fabric for the “filling”. Here the filling is a bead of the type you can get in a dollar store assortment. We had them hanging around from when we made our plaster strips lamp shade.

These could be fun to decorate mishloach manot as well. Don’t forget that we have many ideas for Mishloach Manot such as our Crayons and Erasers as well as our extensive Purim digital wrapper collection.

Here’s a sample:

mini Purim cupcake wrappers via Birkat ChaverimYou can order these and others in our shop.

We also have many many ideas for Purim and other holidays on our Pinterest boards. Some of our pinterest boards are collaborative boards- our Celebrate Bar and Bat mitzvah board, Jewish Art, and Jewish Informal Education and Craft boards all accept pinners. Do you have something you want to share there? Check out the pinning rules and then do please be in touch!

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