The interrupting cow or nostalga for old kids jokes

This post is dedicated to my sophomore year college roomates and my daughter’s friend who reminded me of this joke. As we were on our way to gan this friend taught it to my daughter. I told them, this was one of our favorite jokes in college (try and explain college to under 6 year olds! Try and explain why this was a favorite joke in college!) I told them that many years ago I had made the joke into a picture.  I had made this joke and another joke into a picture as a silly gift for the baby of one of the roommates (I don’t even think I ever gave it to her in the end.) Oh well, it was made more than 12 years ago and I’m going to share it now.
Cow knock knock joke and duck joke from birkatchaverim
Not my usual post type but Purim is coming, Mishenichnas Adar Marbim BSimcha! Maybe someone will laugh at these jokes. I’m not sure why we thought they were so funny. They are cute, but… What do you think? Also, I wonder how appropriate a bar is for 6 year olds (although Purim is coming up…) Feel free to change the wording to “a place where you buy drinks” when you tell the joke.

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