Purim Characters Bottled

purim characters bottled Mishloach manot bottles with purim character cupcake wrappers and chocolate wrappers via birkat chaverim

Purim Characters Bottled

My daughter put these mishloach manot together last year using the Purim character cupcake wrappers and chocolate wrappers. Purim characters bottled! We were using bottles with straws, and we put the cupcake wrappers inside the bottles (they are removable.) She wanted to wrap the chocolate wrappers around the straws and personalize them. I thought the figure toppers would have worked too, but I am happy she came up with her own way to do things.

Pictures! Pictures!

I was also really pleased that Chabad of Southern Mississippi orders wrappers last year and used them for their “Make Your Own Cupcake Station” at their community Purim seuda. You can see pictures of the wrappers in use from that on their facebook page. Looks like everyone had alot of fun.

Do you have pictures of Birkat Chaverim wrappers in use? I would love to see how you have used them and share them. Please send us pictures!

You can get the Purim Character cupcake wrappers and the Purim character chocolate wrappers in the Birkat Chaverim shop.

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