Come for Pesach help Bnei Akiva “avoid financial ruin”

In addition to the bencher project, here is yet another way to help Bnei Akiva avoid financial ruin and support Bnei Akiva international programs (if you’ve missed my previous post on this subject and therefore the reference, see “Financial Ruin” and the Bnei Akiva Bencher project.) In honor of Bnei Akiva’s 80th anniversary, Bnei Akiva is partnering with Eddie’s travels for Pesach/Passover at Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem. It looks like lots of fun and exciting things are planned, and if you already were planning on going away with your family, here’s a great way to help Bnei Akiva at the same time.

For more information see Bnei Akiva Olami’s website

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