Lookstein Center’s 70 Challenges for 70 days Launched

Detail from the 70 Challenges fo r70 Years WebsiteThe Lookstein Center’s 70 challenges for 70 days launches this week. In honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, Bar Ilan’s Lookstein Center for Jewish Education has organized a creative daily game from now until Yom Haatzmaut. The games are appropriate for individuals, school groups or home schoolers. There are four grade levels of difficulty to the games. These are first through third, fourth through sixth, seventh through ninth, and tenth and twelfth grade.

70 Challenges

Each day the Lookstein center will send educational challenges appropriate for the chosen grade levels. The games will be in the form of puzzles such as quizzes, riddles, connect the dot or other types of challenges. They will be about places, people and events connected to the history of the state of Israel. The games are geared to both individuals and school groups. The games are short- about five minutes and interactive.

Participants will be able to compete against each other for points. It seems that puzzles will be available for 48 hours for full points.

It is a fun, informal way to learn about Israel.

In addition, the games are free due to the generousity of the Avi Chai foundation.

To sign up for the games:


If you are looking for a game appropriate for younger students, Birkat Chaverim has a simple one level game on our site that is appropriate for Yom Haatzmaut: Build Ben Gurion
In addition, we have many resources for Israel education on our Jewish informal education and crafts collaborative board and on our  Atzmaut pinterest board.

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