This sock books seemed meant for me

The other day I walked into my sib's house and saw this book on the couch. I said something along the lines of "how did you find something so perfect?" Why? because everyone in the family knows how we make things out of socks and the projects in Socks Appeal: 15 Fun & Funky Friends Sewn from Socks by Brenna Moloney are really great! and she's pretty ...

cc v2 copyright: Mecredis

Fun costume ideas

In honor of upcoming Purim Katan, here are a few costume ideas. Rubics Cube Lego costume Group costume: Pac man and ghosts Bumblebee (my daughter has been asking to be a bee for Purim so maybe we'll do something like this) Small fry quick costume using pacifier Photo credit: Mecredis (creative commons v2)

First Mitzvah book Tutorial

In honor of Parshat Yitro here is a tutorial of how to make a great Mitzvah baby book with photos of the different pages. I did not make it- it was made by one of the girls in my class. She wanted to make something for her new nephew and we came up with this idea. We looked at lots of different childrens books. She wanted to do something for now rather than when he was older. I suggested black on white since its easier for younger children to see, and I had been saving the plastics from wipes packages to use as the crinkle inside the baby book. ...

BiRechov Yirmiyahu- children’s book with textile eye candy

rechov1I have been meaning to post about this book for a long time but the Tenth of Tevet is appropriate due to the name of the book and the connection of the Prophet Jeremiah to the period of seige and destruction of Jerusalem. This book has a much happier subject. I found it at Shavua hasefer (book week) this past year and immediately bought two copies and showed it to my class (doll clothing) for inspiration.  The book is called BiRechov Yirmiyahu or Jeremiah Street and is written by Libi Daon and illustrated by Lena Guberman. ...