“Boo Boo helper” Cat

boo boo freezer pack catI made this one with my daughter (she chose to do a cat) but prior to that we made some of these in my chug/class (I havent found the pictures yet! When I do Ill post them.) The other animals were a lion and elephant. The idea is to fill it with something like lentils, chickpeas or rice and store it in the freezer for when someone needs a cold compress. We made it out of felt, which reduces the cold, but works well for small children and is easy to cut.

boo boo freezer pack kitty aplix closureOur version has added features. First an aplix (meaning velcro) closure so that you can decide what type of filling you want and remove it whenever you want. We have on occasion used freeze pops inside.The aplix is recycled. It came on a US box mailbag and would have otherwise been thrown out. Its strong enough so that the younger set (say around age three) can’t open it and make a mess.

Boo boo freezer cat backAdditional added features are the cloth “button” eyes, embroidered features, a ribbon color (chosen by my daughter,) and a tail that matches the button eyes.

This is a great project for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in particular if there is a theme related to visiting the sick, the story of Abraham and the three angels, or fundraising for a children’s hospital. These could be made both for participants and to donate to a hospital.

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