First Mitzvah book Tutorial

In honor of Parshat Yitro here is a tutorial of how to make a great Mitzvah baby book with photos of the different pages. I did not make it- it was made by one of the girls in my class. She wanted to make something for her new nephew and we came up with this idea. We looked at lots of different childrens books. She wanted to do something for now rather than when he was older. I suggested black on white since its easier for younger children to see, and I had been saving the plastics from wipes packages to use as the crinkle inside the baby book.

She came up with the mitzvot for each page, drew them, cut them out of felt and added accessories (such as the fringes for the tzitziot.) She decided to only have the crinkle in the cover page so used two pieces of felt for that and a single piece of felt for inside pages. She sewed the cover page, inserted the wipes package and top stitched those pages closed. She chose to glue the pictures down (she left the sewing for her sister,) but I recommend sewing down the pictures so they don’t get ripped off by a baby.

It came out really great, everyone loves it and it took her about three sessions to do it. A few of the other girls are making baby books now too. Here are the pages:

This would be a great project for Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

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