Purim I Spy Mishloach Manot via Birkat Chaverim

I Spy Mishloach Manot

  We like I Spy around here. For Purim last year we prepared Purim I Spy Mishloach Manot. I am sharing them here with you. The advantages of I Spy Mishloach Manot are they are easy to prepare, which was really important last year as I was about to have a baby. We used recycled coffee containers, and my  kids were able to help fill them up. For P ...

favorite pinterest pins Hanukkah from Birkat Chaverim

Top Pinned Content This Month

As you know we have an active Pinterest presence where we pin our own content as well as content that we like. We also have several exciting collaborative Pinterest boards like the Jewish Informal Education and Crafts board and the Jewish Art board. I thought I would share our top five pinned content this month. Unsurprisingly the top five were all Hanu ...

dreidel mold filled

Dreidel Crayons for Hanukkah

For years I have really wanted to make dreidel crayons. So imagine how excited I was to find an old silicon dreidel mold at the local Emunah "white elephant" sale. It was a shekel or so. We also snagged a boat silicon molds and I told my kids that we were going to make crayons and such out of them. Only we took our time about it. Then, when we wer ...

Fimo dollhouse sized apples via Birkat Chaverim.

Dollhouse apples

Over the summer we worked on dollhouse apples. That is dollhouse sized apples using fimo clay. What We Did We used "panda" oil pastels to color the outsides of the apples for more realistic tones since apples are never only one shade. The half apple was made by first wrapping white fimo in green fimo. We then made sure that the combined fimo was shape ...

Kid made play doe pens for teacher appreciation gifts via birkat chaverim

Teacher Gifts

As the end of the year approaches, are you looking for some ideas for teacher's gifts? We are always looking for ideas, and here are a few from our site: Photo book Kid made pens Kid made pencils Chalk or Crayons Soap Popsicle molds (or healthy popsicles) always go over well too as do thank you notes from your child.